Join Us to Stop Immorality

We recognize that we have deficiencies within ourselves that we are incapable of rectifying in our own strength. We need help – both yours and God’s

“You’re already in the war, Please come join us in the Battle”

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What does this site offer?

Please feel free to browse this site as we believe that if we can strengthen you then you can strengthen others, by giving away what we have, we know we will strengthen what we have. Together we are better.

This site works if you work it.

1) A chat group for people to talk with others who have similar issues and a desire to overcome behaviour they know are in conflict with God’s will for their life. A place to heal the broken hearted, come join us here in the chat room. Please note you will need to have a valid email address.
2) A link to professional counsellors who are non-judgmental and unbiased. They will assist you on a one on one basis. With counselling and mentoring.

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A chance for you to join/support in our ministry